Quality Assurance

Owing to a quality-centric approach, we place great emphasis on the quality of the product. We imply quality control measures from the very beginning of production. The four stages at which we conduct stringent quality control tests are raw material selection, extraction and refining, testing and packaging.

Raw material selection & Pre Cleaning

The rice bran /oil seed are cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, Metal parities contaminants or foreign matter before outshine/Extraction . Once the seeds are cleaned they are washed and dried and then passed through the solvent extractors and expellers to extract the oil. The raw materials are processed in an organic and hygienic manner under expert supervision.

Extraction & Refinery

The oil we offer is extracted from seeds like sunflower, rice bran, sesame, soya bean and other seeds. The oil is extracted by using mechanical pressers and expellers. Once the oil is extracted we conduct a refining process. The oil is refined to remove dirt, dust, particles, contaminants or foreign matter. The refining process only removes the unwanted elements from the oil but does not change the chemical properties of the oil.


Once the oil is extracted, it is tested to ensure hygiene and purity. Our quality analysts work with precision and monitor the entire process.


We offer prompt delivery of the products in secure packaging options like plastic bottles, glass bottles, drums, containers or tinned cans. Our packaging standards comply with government regulations and international standards.

Our manufacturing process, packaging and delivery process comply with industrial norms and practices. We are an ISO 9001:2000 company and are certified by reputed organisations like World Health Organisation (WHO), American Heart Association (AHA) and AGMARK.

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